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Obituary of local farmer, author

Published in Hartford, signed by author.

Published in Storrs, CT

Published in Storrs, CT. Signed by author

Likely part of the Library's original collection. This item is listed in 1913 Library Catalogue.


Novel of a young orphan girl, Jerusha "Judy" Abbot, and her benefactor as she works her way up in the world. Since this book is now in the public domain, versions of it can be downloaded here:

Includes identified photos, list of Friends of the Garden, Newspaper article about stone work

First copy signed by John S. Laney, 1913; Second copy includes some newspaper clippings (seemingly unrelated) from the 1950s; Third copy includes list of accessions, persons checking out material

Possibly c. 1980s, when Randy Flaum worked for Norwich Bulletin

Mostly minutes from Library Board meetings during the 1970s;

Handwritten notes include the Constitution of the Library Association. Also discusses events.

Two volumes. First includes 1951-1964. Second volume includes 1965-1973.
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